The Cornerstone of Modern Connectivity

Meet Matter

All things are made of matter. In fact, it’s what connects us to nature, our physical reality, and each other. So why shouldn’t our devices do the same?

The Origin of Matter

Our world has gone digital. With the help of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices, applications, and cloud servers, our homes and work offices are turning into highly intelligent and interactive environments.

However, diverse protocols, complex setup processes, and fragmented IoT ecosystems by manufacturer brands make interoperability a goal yet to be achieved.

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That is, until Matter.

Matter logo

Born from a vision to create a unified and seamless IoT experience, Matter is an IP-based standard developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) — a global collaborative organization of over 600 technology companies devoted to innovation. It’s a standard that builds bridges across existing interoperability gaps to make device setup a breeze and help users connect with confidence.

Telink’s Matter Mission

As a proud member of the CSA, Telink has been working alongside industry leaders to elevate the IoT experience to bring the next generation of future-proof products. Our mission is simple: Connectivity should be as effortless as breathing, and it should work seamlessly across all your devices, from smart homes to general IoT applications.

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