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Telink is one of the first chip suppliers to jump on board with Matter’s standard specification. During the evolution of Matter, we actively participated in the development and maintenance of Matter’s SDK. It’s why our Matter solution offers comprehensive support for the latest standard version.


Telink’s TLSR9 SoC was among the first silicon solutions that acquired Thread 1.3.0 certification, which was purpose-developed for Matter to support power-sensitive devices. Our latest Wi-Fi SoC products enable Matter applications that require higher-speed connections. Both types of SoCs support Bluetooth LE, which is required by Matter for device onboarding.


Our current Matter SDK tracks the most up-to-date version of Matter specification and offers broad compatibility across smart home platforms. It’s open source and ready for download from the official Matter project library on Github.


Beyond SoCs and SDKs, Telink has been also working closely with partners across the Matter ecosystem to offer device manufacturers a more comprehensive support along the entire journey from Matter product development all the way through mass production.


But we won’t stop there. As Matter continues to grow in capability and possibility, Telink will continue to innovate, pushing boundaries and creating solutions that keep you at the forefront of our digital world.

What Customers Are Saying

"Telink is a strategic partner of HooRii Technology in Thread and Matter technologies. Telink chips have advanced features and ultra-low power consumption, making them suitable for various IoT devices in consumer, commercial, and industrial applications."

Ethan LIU

CTO at HooRii Technology

"Telink is among the first companies to develop Thread and Matter technologies. Thanks to the comprehensive Matter solution offered by Telink and its technology partners, we successfully launched our very first Matter product."

Tianchen CAI

General Manager at Eboy Technology

"By adopting the Matter solution powered by Telink, we have successfully launched Matter over Thread Slide Curtain, which supports the latest standard specifications and is compatible with multiple smart home ecosystems."

Vicent ZHANG

Engineering Expert @ Zemismart

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