The Architecture & Evolution of Matter

A Protocol Above the Rest

How does Matter fill in the gaps of your IoT environment? It lives as a common application layer that’s IP-based and secure, while serving as a shared data model with core operational functions for multiple device types.

The Road to Progress

Connectivity without incompatibility. Development without complexity. Collaboration without boundaries. Matter unites the IoT industry and continues to do so through evolution and constant progress.


Project Connected Home over IP

  • Announced in December 2019.
  • An industry-wide effort to make it easier for end users to set up and configure smart home devices with the system of choice.
  • A unified and open-source standard to make it easier for manufacturers to create smart home devices.

Matter 1.0

  • Introduced a unified connectivity standard for IoT devices.
  • Enhanced security protocols for safer communication.
  • Improved device compatibility for seamless integration.

Matter 1.1

  • Streamlined device onboarding and setup.
  • Extended support for low-power and intermittently connected devices.
  • Feature enhancements to optimize the user experience.

Matter 1.2

  • Expanded compatibility to nine new device types.
  • Introduced advanced features for device management and diagnostics.
  • Enhanced testing and certification.

Matter 1.3

  • New Support for Water and Energy Management Devices

  • Enhanced Entertainment and Smart Home Management Functionality for Media Devices

  • User Experience Enhancements

  • Debugging and Developer Experience Improvements

Supported by a broad range of platforms:


This is only the beginning of a long journey towards the future of technology. As IoT advances, so too will Matter.

Next Up

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