Get started with Telink

Want to make the most of Matter? Here’s how to start developing Matter-compatible products with Telink.


Product Definition

Device Manufacturer

Defines product specifications.


Evaluation & PoC

Device Manufacturer

Acquires evaluation kit and SDK. Builds proof of concept and evaluates critical characteristics.

Telink & Solution Partners

Supports evaluation and technology consultation.



Device Manufacturer

Develops product functions other than wireless communication.

Telink & Solution Partners

Enables and supports Matter-related development.


Internal Testing

Device Manufacturer

Performs comprehensive product testing in house (function, performance, stability, compatibility, etc.). Performs internal Matter self-test.

Telink & Solution Partners

Optimises design based on testing results.


External Testing

Device Manufacturer

Acquires necessary product certifications (standards, regulatory, etc.). Registers Matter product ID and completes Matter testing at the Authorized Testing Lab (ATL).

Telink & Solution Partners

Recommends Matter ATL and assists in testing.


Certification & Mass Production

Device Manufacturer

Acquires official Matter certification at CSA. Sets up the production line that complies with Matter security requirements.

Telink & Solution Partners

Offers Matter-friendly production solutions, including the DAC (Device Attestation Certificate) provider.

Take the Next Step

Ready to start? Feel free to explore our online Developer Guide for more things Matter or send us a question by reaching out to us — we’re here to help you harness the future of technology, one product at a time.